Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Java games download to mobile phones

1. Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer.Jar
Size: 297 KB
Play as the fantastic 4 and help the heroes face the greatest threat the earth has ever know from both Dr. Doom and an all new intergalactic threat.

2. Get smart.jar
Size: 438 KB
In this action adventure game, your mission as control secret agents maxwell smart and lovely - but - dealy agent 99 is to thwart a plan for world domination by the evil crime syndicate KAOS.

3. The overtaker 3D.jar
Size: 456 KB
Use special skills to sneak in the dark, attack unexpectedly and use the strength of your enemies against them.

4. swords of fury.jar
Size: 162 KB
Push a sword into your enemies heart or turn your enemy to ashes with a single spell! Venture to the ancient places of power and find keys to open secret gates.

5. Nosferatu.jar
Size: 192 KB
Harcker the soldier must lead his people against Nosferatu, a weak but very feared vampire feeding on the inhabitants of the transylavian towns close to his castle.

6. Shaolin.jar
Size: 255 KB
Use your martial arts skills to rescue 9 shaolin monks that have been captured by general Wang Shicheng's forces.

7. Heroes lore.jar
Size: 828 KB
Battle through untold dangers and collect a massive arsenal of swords, axes, shields and armour combining them with magic to create the ultimate weapon for your journey to save the entire world from evil.

8. The invisible lady.jar
Size: 119 KB
retrieve 4 bottles of protective cream, one for each level of the game to make a portion that will turn melanie visible again, while escaping from unscrupulous scientist and curious people.

9. Bravian lands.jar
Size: 84 KB
Help brave daryll to free his magical kingdom invaded with evil creatures.

10. The musketeers.jar
Size: 97 KB
Join then musketeers to fight against the cardinal the Richelieu's men plotting against the musketeers.

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