Monday, November 24, 2008

Best selling soccer games download to mobile phone

1. 3D sports freekick football.jar
Size: 265 KB
Freekick football is a 3D sports stimulator offering a player an attractive and realistic football tournament stimulation played on worldwide football stadiums with 32 national teams and with an exhaustive in game football encyclopedia.

2. Trick soccer world championship 2006.jar
Size: 124 KB
with world championship trick soccer 2006, your phone becomes your virtual soccer stadium and you are the key player in it! Your "Goal" is becoming a pro soccer player and the only way to get there is by good old fashion hardwork and practice!

3. Alberninho football.jar
Size: 142 KB
You can play in single match or tournament mode with 16 different teamjs with different skills. The in-game commentary , replay features and substitutions make this game unique in mobile entertainment.

4. World championship trick soccer 2008.jar
Size: 201 KB
With world championship trick soccer 2008, your phone becomes a virtual soccer stadium and you are the key player in it.

5. LMA Manager 2007.jar
Size: 272 KB
Its all hands on this season! control exactly how your players train to get the best out of them. Upgrade your facilities to give your men the best chance of success. Expand your stadium and increase your sponsorship, then spend the cash on improving your squad with the best players in the transfer market,.

6. LEGO World soccer.jar
Size: 255 KB
LEGO brings you soccer like you've never seen it before as you battle to become world champion! put aside the normal sporting rules and play pirates against spacemen as five unique teams of LEGO characters battle it out for the ultimate sporting prize.

7. Subbuteo.jar
Size: 292 KB
Subbuteo is a classic, fun and easy to play miniature football game played by flicking small figures at an oversized ball. a unique experience is in store for the dedicated fans of the perennial favourite soccer table top game.

8. Football 2007.jar
Size: 317 KB
Unlock great football players from the past and present, each with individual skills and powers to create your own squad to mount the challenge.

9. Adidas All-Star Football.jar
Size: 124 KB
The world's best players are now mobile! adidas all-star football raise your team to the top,become the winner in the authentic league of the stars.DOWNLOAD

10. Football Fans 2006.jar
Size: 116 KB
With football fans 2006, get the real excitement of a real football game on mobile. enjoy its realistic features such as volley kick, dribble and tackle and appreciate your best goals with the instant replay.

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