Monday, November 24, 2008

Best selling action games download

1. Herocraft Eyes In The Dark.jar
Size: 108 KB
An impressive new puzzle game in the style of lines, eyes in the dark invites you to visit mysterious places, full of all sorts of wonders and the beauties of the sleeping beauties of the sleeping forest. The atmosphere of this game makes you feel like a wanderer on the forbidden lands, inhabited with strange and unsual creatures.

2. Stolen in sixty seconds.jar
Size: 112 KB
We dont call anyone to break the law, we dont instruct how to make away with money and we dont give pieces of advice on how to grow rich fast....but we present in you never played such games! the uncommonest of task, ease of game style and stunning brain twisting quest are the components of a cocktail which will suit even the most carping gamers taste.

3. The incredible hulk.Jar
Size: 495 KB
The incredible hulk smashes unto mobile in a wave of destruction and kicks off an all-new explosive and action - packed epic of one of the most popular super heroes of all time.

4. The incredible hulk rampage.jar
Size: 251 KB
With evil super villian the leader attempting to take control of the minds of everyone in the world, only Bruce banner and his alter ego the hulk can save mankind.

5. X-Men 3.Jar
Size: 318 KB
Join the X-men in thier journey for justice as they fight their deadliest battle yet to destroy the monstrous sentinel robots. take on the role of multiple heroes in an incredible adventure.

6. Spiderman webslinger.jar
Size: 252 KB
Take control of spidey and his super moves as he swings through the streets of new york in this amazing webslinging adventure.

7. The voyage of sinbad.jar
Size: 96 KB
On this occasion, kitmaker brings the player to the fantastic universe of the 1001 arabian nights, a universe of vibrant adventures, fearsome buccaneers and unimaginable treasures.

8. Age Of Heroes V - Warriors Way.jar
Size: 292 KB
Legends and sagas are immortal – but those who remember them die. When the time will come, and monsters will rise from darkness – one push will be enough to make heavens fall on earth, and seas to boil,… and there will be no one who would remember at least one legend. About the last hero, who'll carry the heaviest burden. Whole world. When the time of Aivail has come – there were three of them. The three men, who'll decide if the world will live, or it has to give way to coming emptiness. This is the story of one of them. Sir Roderick from Nargard was always too downright and morbidly honest. His career at imperial court of Arkspire has finished at the very beginning – when he found that one of courtiers takes bribes and challenged him, he was drided and killed the offender with one hit of armored fist. He was exiled to his estate, without any hope to see Emperor's favor, he behaved as knight, devoting all time to studying of military arts and knight's Code… but unfortunately he couldn't read. His foes remembered dull-witted knight when orcish battle drums resounded again at western borders of Empire. The Empire had no troops to protect all the territory, and someone had to stop green-skinned, protecting imperial settlers escape… and probably, to die. When he was going to fight with orcs, and kissing his wife at parting, Sir Roderick couldn't imagine with whom he will fight, he couldn't know who will be his real enemy. The enemy of whole world he knew and loved.

9. Soviet spy 3 - operation umputation.jar
Size: 192 KB
When superpowers ruled the world, balancing between cold and nuclear war, and one insane dictator could destroy all our planet… And he would, if only one man… Modest, soviet super spy. Stirlitz.

10. Kung Fu Hustle.jar
Size: 168 KB
You play the game as Sing, the inauspicious newcomer at the inn of Landlady. You must fight your way through an increasingly challenging assortment of outlandish enemies in your attempt to become the next Kung Fu legend. The action is insane and improbable, cartoony and fun. Just like the movie.
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